April 23, 2023

Swiss NFT Assiciation Crypto Art & VR Light Festival - In person and Online

Join the first ever NFT & web3 community in Switzerland, Swiss NFT Association on April 26th for an unforgettable evening! A great opportunity to experience the NFT exhibition, try out Virtual Reality with headsets, meet talented and credited Crypto Artists and interact with virtual guests in the Metaverse.

The Swiss NFT Association is hosting a Crypto Art & VR Light Festival on April 26th at the Caribbean Pearl in Winterthur, Switzerland. The event aims to bring together the NFT and web3 community in Switzerland to showcase the intersection of art and blockchain technology. Attendees will have the opportunity to experience the NFT exhibition, try out Virtual Reality with headsets, meet talented Crypto Artists, and interact with virtual guests in the Metaverse.

The event is both in-person and online, enabling people from all over the world to attend and interact in real-time. In the Metaverse, attendees will be able to join a virtual space to explore artworks in a 3D environment while Abraham's and Stefan's artworks will be showcased on high-resolution screens on-site.

The event's featured speakers include Abraham Yael, Romy Abbrederis, and Stefan Kainbacher. Abraham Yael is a digital artist and photographer who has been featured as an artist for numerous album covers, lyric, and music videos. Romy Abbrederis is the director of Vaduz Light Festival, which combines art, culture, and innovation through light art. Stefan Kainbacher is an NFT artist, designer, curator, and lecturer.

The event will include a panel discussion with digital artists, a VR and Metaverse experience with headsets, networking opportunities, and amazing presentations. Members can attend for free, and non-members can purchase tickets for 15 CHF. The event is an excellent opportunity for those interested in blockchain technology and art to learn and connect with like-minded individuals.

For all those who want to know more about our partner Swiss NFT Association, you can check out the following link https://www.swissnftassociation.ch/

LinkedIn: Swiss NFT Association

Twitter: @swissnftassoc

Instagram: swissnftassociation

April 23, 2023

Steven Reiss

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