Crypto for Classical

Institut zur Förderung von Kunst & Kultur im Bereich der kryptographischen Technologien

The KlangKunst choir 

sing an

with the support

sings by Carl Orff

promoted crypto 

of the

Carmina Burana

ode to bitcoin

BlockChain Community

in New York

KlangKunst choir introduces itself

The core tasks of KlangKunst are the cultivation of choral singing, the joint singing, the development of large and great choral works as well as the planning, preparation and performance of choral concerts.

KlangKunst was founded in Pfaffenwinkel e.V. in 2007.

A call to the crypto community

Next year the KlangKunst Choir will have a fantastic opportunity to perform the great work of Carl Orff, Carmina Burana at Carnegie Hall in New York.

We are now dependent on YOU because we need an amount of 70.000€ and every single member of our club had to empty his stocking to pay the registration fees like flight and hotel.

We take the step into the decentralized community

With the support of BitBlockArt, we will take the step into the cryptosphere. And explore a new way of promoting culture, if you want to support us you can do it now.

If you are wondering why you should enable a culture club with your cryptographic value units to give a great concert in New York? Then consider that it was the poets and thinkers, the artists and philosophers, that helped to gain acceptance for the gold, silver and the shabby paper money in every social class. Value is subject to man's imagination and who can fire it better than we can.

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One hand washes the other,
in case of successful fundraising we offer the following services

How would we promote your crypto asset?

A classic composition to your cryptographic favorites. Packaged in a creative video. With at least 5min length. Also available as Jazz version!

We will have ourselves photographed in front of Carnegie Hall with the banner of the most donating communities.

Together with BitBlockArt, our choir members will record interviews to carry the "Satoshi Nakamotos" idea into society.


Donate now and promote the art bring krypto assets to a new level, every amount counts.

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The coin with which the most donations are made is taken into account.
The assets with the highest donation ratio are then promoted.
You will of course receive a donation receipt if you wish.
You'll be recognized in our fundraiser.


KlangKunst im Pfaffenwinkel e.V.
Waldramstraße 8
83671 Benediktbeuern

picture by Uwe Juergens - Eigenes Werk

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